1. Blue Embroidered Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 1,899
    This comfortably simple tunic with warm colours is the perfect go - to! Product Code :- TU-MJ-2304-BL Learn more
  2. Beige Embroidered Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 2,199
    Feeling full? This burst of colours will cheer you up like nothing else will! Product Code :- KU-MJ-2309-BG Learn more
  3. Dark Grey Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 1,899
    Pair this versatile piece with solid blue or red narrow pants. Product Code :- KU-MJ-2318-GY Learn more
  4. Light Pink Emrboidered Kurti

    Rs. 1,799
    Perfect for a semi-formal day event Product Code :- KU-MJ-2307-LP Learn more
  5. Off-White Round Neck Kurti

    Rs. 1,599
    Sport this piece with navy or beige narrow pants Product Code :- KU-MJ-2311-OW Learn more
  6. Off-White Shirt Kurti

    Rs. 1,999
    Pair with beige pants for a day look Product Code :- KU-MJ-2308-OW Learn more
  7. Navy Blue Printed Kurti

    Rs. 1,499
    Pair with beige pants Product Code :- KU-MJ-2305-NY Learn more
  8. Off-White Sleeveless Top

    Rs. 699
    Pair it with skinny pants, printed or denim Product Code :- TO-MJ-2301-OW Learn more
  9. Narrow Printed Pants

    Rs. 1,699
    Pair with a solid coloured top Product Code :- CP-MJ-2313-BL Learn more
  10. Light Pink Long Kurti

    Rs. 1,499
    Pair with skinny pants or leggings Product Code :- KU-MJ-2302-PK Learn more