Day Post

  1. Peach Day Wear Kurti

    Rs. 1,899
    Perfect for the day, with white bottoms. Product Code :- KU-DP-2681-LE Learn more
  2. Beige Mid Kurti

    Rs. 1,599
    Pick this beige beauty over every other outfit in your wardrobe! Product Code :- KU-DP-2632-BG Learn more
  3. Light Blue Printed Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 1,999
    Pair with any kind of dark blue or black pants Product Code :- KU-DP-2685-LU Learn more
  4. Peach Embroidered Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 1,899
    Wear chunky silver jewellary to accesorize this outfit perfectly. Product Code :- KU-DP-2683-PC Learn more
  5. Lemon Yellow Printed Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 1,899
    Pair this colourful kurti with white leggings Product Code :- KU-DP-2679-LN Learn more
  6. Sea Green Embroidered Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 1,899
    Pair this with light coloured leggings Product Code :- KU-DP-2677-SG Learn more
  7. Pink Solid Printed Kurti

    Rs. 1,799
    Pair this with white or black leggings Product Code :- KU-DP-2688-PK Learn more
  8. Pink Embroidered Rayon Kurti

    Rs. 1,799
    Colourful print will make you look effortlessly stylish Product Code :- KU-DP-2687-PK Learn more
  9. Aqua Solid Cotton Kurti

    Rs. 1,599
    Pair this with white leggings or white flared pants. Product Code :- KU-DP-2612-AQ Learn more
  10. Off White Solid Cotton Kurti

    Rs. 1,599
    Look fresh and transport back to summer! Product Code :- KU-DP-2612-OW Learn more