“Clothes are meant to cover one’s body”, a wise yet hypocrite man once said. Why does a niqab cover a woman’s face? And why don’t men wear niqabs too? Why is a three inch show of waist acceptable when we wear sarees but the same three inches seem vulgar from under a crop-top? Why is it okay for boys to wear shorts and play football but if girls do the same, it’s looked down upon. Why is it okay for a guy to grow his hair  in order to look like Bon Jovi but if girls want to chop their hair just to feel lighter, it’s a disgrace? Why is a rape victim blamed for showing some skin when the real problem lies in the inability of a man to control his testosterone? Why is it “cool” for a guy to wear super low waist jeans to show off the brand of their underwear but a little bra strap peeping out of a woman’s top is considered unethical? I have always loved wearing shift dresses that end above the knee. I would style it with a printed warm scarf and wedges, rub against some strong cologne and smack a soft pink lipstick on. During winter, especially. Little did I know that this source of happiness would become a major matter of concern after marriage. The family I was married into had a good name in the society and was one of the modern upgraded ones. At least that’s what others thought. Whereas in reality, the only thing they had plenty of, was money. I have never been one of those who could be tamed. And no woman should be told what to wear. The only person who has the right to tell us what to wear is the stylist. A woman is free to wear whatever she wishes to and it’s about time men understand the fact that we dress for ourselves and not them. We would rather roam naked if our dress sense was aimed at pleasing them. And don’t worry, I still wear shift dresses. Shorter ones now, in fact. But it’s not just about me. It’s about you and your mother and your daughter and all those beautiful women you see every day. Why don’t men wear “niqabs”?