This day of awareness was celebrated all around the world with positive hopes. The theme this year is: The time to act is now. This doesn't only bring in positive vibes, but also gives us hope that this curse on the society will be eradicated someday. For this dream of ours to take shape,  each one of us has to put in our bit. Finishing off AIDS from the world is not totally in our hands but we can actually give the patients a better world to live in. Here are five moral duties one can follow to make the world a better place for our fellow citizens: 1. They are already shattered. Try to make them see the positives in life. 2. Don’t let them feel ashamed about whatever happened to them. In fact,  help them get over their depression. 3. Don’t discuss about the eventual end with them. 4. Spread the fact that this it's not a communicable disease and let people not outcast them. 5. Sometimes things are at the initial stage but the patients, not to bring shame to themselves, don’t do anything about this. If you know such a person, help them!