Mother Nature’s precious gifts are being wasted by us because we do not understand the gravity of the situation. We are still under the misconception that our resources are unlimited. That our water is going to last a lifetime. That our fuel will be available for our kids too. Let’s take a moment and ponder over all this. Because these precious items are not going to be around for all. Thanks to our abusive ways. Are we doing our bit for the environment? Don't know about you guys, but WE ARE! Yes, Naari kurtis are made with dyes and chemicals that are environment-friendly. Even the disposal method of the waste is very nature-centric. In fact, we make sure that excess water is not wasted K-492_Green_1_1024x1024 But what truly sets the company apart is that it doesn’t make use of any coal, fuel or oil in the production…because Naari uses Biomass Briquettes, an energy saving technology that is made of green waste, sugarcane excess, groundnut waste and other organic materials, that's substituted for coal and other perishable resources. k-418-green_2_ba8e45c6-19b2-4659-b735-7080e4d7df25_1024x1024 How many big companies can boast of such a feat? This substituting not only helps reduce the carbon footprint, but also works out economical for the company. So every time you buy a kurti from our stables, you’re indirectly saving the environment! Go Green, go stylish. Photo courtesy: House of Naari