Yes, we are talking about those colourful markets, more like a street shop hub, where you get all glitz and pretty stuff at handy rates! Though such markets may be really appealing,  there are a few don’ts that we would like to let you know... Don’t visit a flea in the afternoons: Just don’t. Since it’s generally an open air setting and lots of stalls to hop. Keep it for pleasant evenings! Don’t make hasty decisions: Fleas have a huge variety of almost everything, try visiting all stalls first before making a purchase. Don’t buy overly-priced food stuff: Since this stall-hopping is somewhat hectic, food and beverages tend to be overpriced! Don’t spend much on the food stuff, unless you find some delicacies . At least, not on water bottles! Don’t tire yourself our soon! Once you are tired, the whole enthusiasm of shopping vanishes! So try halting in between and don’t enter crowded stalls. Don’t forget your wardrobe! Seeing pretty stuff gets us carried away and we land up buying things that we already have. So recall what all you have before purchasing!