Here are the top selling kurtis of this week,ones that have created a buzz. Do you own any from this lot? Let us know!Product Code: KU-15-OM-0256 This sizzling hot kurti is what makes a Naari stand out.KU-15-OM-0256_1_1024x1024Product Code: SD-15-FA-0037 This festive season, make a startling impact with this Madhubani SKD.Kurti 2Product Code: KU-15-OM-0255 This bird story is a sure-shot winner. We don’t even wonder why!kurti 3Product Code: KU-15-FA-0201-RD-32 This Madhubani painting wonder will make you fall in with yourself.kurti 4Product Code : KU-15-PP-0080-MC Just a tinge of flowers and you’re ready to take on the world!kurti5