Nothing can be tangier than a college love story, a place where people just innocently fall in love. Those after college hangouts, bunking, giggles, allegedly pairing anyone with just anyone for no good reason… and when amidst all these you fall head over heels for someone or find your perfect partner that’s when you actually have lived your college life to the fullest. The couple that we are featuring on our #Vdaycountdown series today is one such couple. 12659583_562871577214134_452952894_n How I met him: While I was busy making friends rather making memories at my newly joined college, I had never imagined my life would take its biggest turn at the same place. Yes I met him in college. A place where I had the best time of my life, and like how birds of same feather flock together? An unsworn group gradually was formed. But putting the friendship aside I could notice one person of the group behaving to me in a way that was unusual, not that I didn’t like it but yes, it was strange. So, though I had met him quite right in the beginning of college, but it was by his cute gestures that I actually met him, got to know the affectionate side of his! 12650511_562870960547529_1824770691_n How did he propose: Day by day our friendship grew stronger. There was something beyond friendship between us, his biasness towards me got evident. “Ahem, ahem” became a regular background music by my group. There was a time when I and everyone else so knew how much in love he was with me. Apparently, everyone was so happy to see us together. Like a fairy tale our story moved. And then after a year and a half he proposed, I still have goose bumps thinking about that. I knew he was attracted to me but not everyone asks you for marriage. I could see it in his eyes. How much he wanted me to be part of his life. He said, “Will you be by my side till death does us apart?” My heart shouted out, yes!!! He could see it in my eyes. I softly whispered my consent to him. I just can’t describe in words how happy he was. It is just a feeling that will never fade away! He made a promise and brilliantly fulfilled it. We completed 7 years of our life together, and he still romances to me like day 1. Honey! You don’t know what you mean to me. Even if the stars and moon collide, I will never let you leave my life. Happy Valentine’s day!