This story will intensify your faith in the age old saying ‘love stories are made in heaven’. There are some people who are destined to meet somehow, somewhere. Things don’t happen before they are meant to happen, rightly proved by the couple we are featuring today! 12647995_916557615124291_815010134_n How I met him “Hello”, I said accepting a call from an unknown number. Heard a charming male voice from the other end. He tried to talk to me, but had no clue why he had called up (Stupid me! Didn’t understand his intentions). However, all this began so abruptly and like how any other Indian would react I scolded him and hung up and forgot about it. He too was disappointed probably, and why not? Who tries to just suddenly call his crush and do overly dramatic stuff? Anyway, a year passed and I led a normal single life. But then life happened… I met one of my best friends over coffee, who told me about her other friend who apparently was looking for an MBA college in my area. Since I knew  such a college I asked that friend to forward my number to her friend so that I could help him. That night I received a call and somehow I felt I had come across this number before. That brought in huge curiosity in me, as I received the call I heard the same “Hello” that I had heard. I was so apprehensive. Didn’t know what was happening. “I am Dinesh! My friend gave me your number. MBA College… Remember??” I was perplexed yet told him about the college I knew and all the other information. We kept on talking and became good friends. 12660257_916557435124309_712644711_n How he proposed We soon became more than friends, and one fine day Dinesh told me a big secret and that made me fall head over heels for him, he told me how he was the one to call me a year before and had done all that stupidity. He had picked my number from the same friend and how he goofed up everything. However, we laughed out loud on that incident. On a serious note, we knew our relation had crossed that friendship limits long back and it was time to confront. But silly as he is, one day he suddenly proposed me, and how? Single text that carried ‘I love you’. I mean, who does that, never gets it right at the first time. However, this time I had decided to not let the ends loose. The next day I crashed his place with a big surprise, cake, gifts and everything sweet. The real proposal happened. We watched our first movie together that day, and guess which movie was it? Has to be something not so romantic, ‘Singham’ it was. And then began our relationship, a four and a half year relationship with all sugar and spice! Now we are married for a year and half. Time flew but our love is still fresh. I just can’t wait to spend all seven lives with you! Happy Valentine’s Day, love!