Everybody loves a mush overload. So, we have come up with the third story in this month-long series. You can read story I here and story II here. How we met: "How's the Misal Pav?" "It tastes like feet. If you're into feet..." "Haha... No, I am good. You've just joined, right?" "Yep. Yesterday was my first day here, actually"  "Great. Welcome to our class. I am V" "Thanks. I am A" No, it wasn't 'lauv' at first sight. He definitely didn’t sweep me off the floor with his charm. He wasn’t even looking that dashing and didn’t make me go all ‘awwww’, you know. If anything, he was smelling of kaanda (onion) and stuffing his face with Misal Pav. Our innocent canteen conversation turned into friendship (thank god!) and he officially joined THE GROUP (the name might be slightly original). The five of us (from THE GROUP. Start keeping track of the story, you!) started hanging out. A lot. Just like most Bollywood flicks, I was the nerd, while he was the 'I-hardly-ever-make-it-to-class-but-I am-smarter-than-you' kinda guy. So obviously, he fell in "love" with our common friend. Truth be told, I helped him get the girl. I wrote his spectacular love letter, I drafted his first conversation with her, and I was the one who gave him dating tips. So, yeah...since I am amazing at these things, he started seeing that girl. End of story. FullSizeRender Except...the total goof me in fell head-over-heels in love with my bestie's BF. I did not act on it...because well, 'log kya kahenge' (who are these log anyway? Want to meet them buggers). But these same log created a huge misunderstanding between the lovebirds, so she walked out of  the relationship. Just like Bolly movies, I swooped right in to lend moral support to the guy *because girls are strong, dammit. It's the boy who needs support ;) * To cut a long story short, moral support blossomed into love or whatever you guys are calling this emotion these days (Netflix and chill?!)  How he proposed: At a rundown Goan shack in the middle of a smashing seafood dinner... A, in the most romantic gesture till date, takes my hand... "I have been thinking about us a lot. I don't think I want to be your boyfriend any...erm...more" "Whaa??? Are you frigging crazy? I gave you all this fake moral support, tolerated your loud singing and your hair. I mean, c'mon, your hair is like another person sitting on your head. I did all this so you could...so you could simply wake up one day and talk rando..." "Calm down, woman. Jeez! I don't want to be your boyfriend...I" "I knew it. You guys are all the..." "BECAUSE I WANT TO BE YOUR HUSBAND. Will you frigging marry me or what?" "HUSBAND?" "Pati...better half...navra" "I know what it means...YES! I say frigging yes!" "Good. But what were you saying about my hair?" 090B05BD-D6A1-4665-8C94-9786D3C769A9