We are suckers for love stories. With Valentine's Day just round the corner, we've decided to feature REAL LIFE love stories that will take you on a mush-ride. We kick off the feature with this cute story of our Mumbai-based customer... image1 How we met: In my pigtails, acne-spotted avatar, I came across him. He was in oily hair, sweat-soaked shirt. I don't think it was love at first sight, but there was something. A connection? May be. When I came across X (I have always wanted to call somebody X. Take that, high-school mathematics!), I was in the eight grade. Even though we'd known each other since nursery, it was in grade 8 that I took a liking to this lanky fella.  A chance encounter lead to many a canteen meetings. Exchanging notes turned into love notes. Our tentative friendship soon blossomed into love. Yes, I fell in love with him when I was only 13. It was two years later that I realized that he was THE one for me. In fact, X used to bump into my mother and declare (rather bravely), 'I am going to marry your daughter!'  We chose different colleges, but remained in touch.  Despite our one-year-long 'break', we remained in touch. A connection? May be. Love? Definitely.  image2 (1) How he proposed: When we were 15, X planned an elaborate treasure hunt for my birthday. Each clue lead to a gift, which lead to another clue...and so on. But my favorite gift was the last one- a promise ring. When you get that kind of commitment at 15, you know you're with THE one. We have had fights, arguments, and even those 'silent treatment' days. But what's kept our love alive is our respect for each other. It's not as much about movies, outings, and dinners as much as it's about dedicating a song daily to each other, completing each other's sentences, blushing in each other's presence and generally being goofy. X has tattooed my name at the nape of his neck. But more amazing than that is the way I forget my work woes when I go home to him in the evening. That security, that passion, that understanding that there's a human out there who'd go to any length to make me happy...that's everything. We have been married for three years, dated for quarter of our lives, and have known each other for three decades. Yep, some love stories are crafted by Bappa himself (but worked on by us).  Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart. Here's to many more years of dropping toothpaste in the washbasin and slyly blaming each other, leaving the toilet seat up and not giving a hoot about it, throwing wet towels on the floor and arguing about it, eating slightly burnt sabjis right in the kitchen, and of course...loads of love.  jyo