It’s not possible to have not binged on Archie comics while growing up. From buying the double digest at railway stations to trading comics with our friends and cousins, we’ve done every silly thing to be with our favourite trio: Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. So it would probably depress you to know that Archie cartoonist Tom Moore passed away in his native El Paso, Texas on July 20, 2015. He was 86. He drew the famous freckle-faced Archie and his sidekicks from 1953 to 1988. What better tribute to the talented artist than to ask our readers if they like Betty more than Veronica or vice versa? So, Naaris, are you B or V? Let’s find out… Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Cooper: As the sweet, funny, a and smart girl-next-door, Betty is everybody’s favourite at Riverdale. Even though she strives for Archie’s affection and attention, she doesn’t let him determine her happiness. She loves to help others, including best friend (and arch-rival) Veronica. Veronica ‘Ronny’ Lodge: She is slender raven-haired knockout to Betty’s blonde-haired cute girl image. She can be snobbish, heartless and even selfish when it comes to Archie. But she does help and appreciate her bestie, Betty. She is in love with Archie, much like Betty, and can go to any length to get her dream man. Which cartoon character brings out your inner self? Are you the soft and sweet Betty who loses Archie due to her good nature? Or the high-flying and determined Veronica who wins Archie, but is not liked by everybody at Riverdale?