We live in a society where girls are brought up with such a protective atmosphere. We are nurtured and taken care of. We grow up with family, most often getting our education in the same towns we grew up in. Most girls go from their parent’s house to their husband’s. This leaves no room for a woman to spend time with herself. Why travelling even more quintessential for a woman in India travel alone at least once in her life. Travel isn’t just a way to escape but it’s the journey towards yourself. It helps you realize what it is to be one with yourself in this pool of people. Travel lets you live a while without compromising. We compromise a hundred little ways every day, so give yourself the chance to live untethered. Want to spend a whole day shopping? Do it. Want to send an evening in cafe with your favourite book? Who’s to stop? Give yourself a chance to live without a schedule, to sleep in late or wander under the stars. To discover new places, new people and a new you. Travelling gives you a chance to be with be dependent on yourself. To manage your own finances and be responsible for your own self.  Taking your own decisions, eating alone, taking that bus ride in a new city can all leave you with an empowering smile. Travelling alone will help you come back a more confident, independent woman. We often believe love is what happens between two people. Travelling helps you redefine the meaning of love. We grow to learn love more than just people. The teary smile on watching the sun rise on a snow clad mountain makes you fall in love with life. Travelling makes you fall in love with places, with new cultures and food. Being aware of your surroundings evokes the love for nature, for water and the wind. The poetry of the silence makes you believe in the magic of love. You don’t just learn what is important in life, but what is important for you in your life. You might hate travelling alone– that’s okay, you have learned that you are not someone who can be alone and perhaps you find you are happiest when you have human affection. Going back to the normal life, you’ll learn to appreciate the little things about people and life. It’ll help you understand the people who really add meaning to your life and who do not. Women who travel solo – for whatever reason, for whomever they meet along the way, for whatever they miss back home, will experience a change that is simply indescribable. It isn’t a word found in the books...it is a feeling of freedom. Of discovery. Of self.