Did your last beach trip left you burnt because you didn’t pack in your sunscreen? E very woman should have her stuff in place to enjoy her holiday without any hassles. While we never forget to pack in our favourite dress we often forget about some tiny items that can come in handy while in a new place.
  • Socks
While it may seem silly to start off the list with socks, they are extremely essential on an airplane. The fuzzy socks help you keep warm and lock in the moisture.
  • Dry shampoo
Travelling often leaves you with no time and sometimes no hot water if travelling to a cold place. A dry shampoo will come in handy at such a time.
  • Razor
If you are travelling for a few weeks a razor can come in handy.
  • Dental floss
It not only maintains your dental health but also helps cut food and sews.
  • Slippers
It is always a good option to keep a pair of flip fops handy in case your footwear gets drenched or breaks.
  • Extra undergarments
This one is a no-brainer. Always carry at least two pairs of extra underwear.
  • Moisturiser
Air planes can get dehydrate yourskin. Also changing weather can put strain on your skin.keeping it moisterised helps it heal. Make sure it has some spf in it.
  • Power bank
You don’t want to miss out on pictures and be in a new place with a dead phone.
  • Toilet paper
Imagine being stuck without water in an public washroom. Also they come in handy to clean something.
  • Pillow case
Its always safer and more comfortable to have your own pillowcase in a guesthouse. Stuff it with your clothes and your have your own travel pillow. It can also double up as an extra sack. The list however keeps changing according to the place you travel, but keep  these in mind and keep  your money safe with your passport and you are good to go. Happy travelling!