Do you wish to know which Kurtis are selling like hot cakes on our site? Fret not! Here are top five best sellers of this week...indulge away. KU-0495: This work wear classic is a must for those long, boring office sessions. Add a bit of pop to drab presentations! K-495_2_1024x1024 Product Code :  KU-15-HS-0005: Flowers make every Naari happy. If those flowers came in luscious embroidery? Yes, a pataka like this one. K-HS-15-0005A_1_6c8011a4-3d9e-4d76-b05d-562979d71e0e_1024x1024   KU-0528: This sassy work wear is a top seller for a specific reason, you know?   K-469_2_1024x1024 K-0535 Flares instantly turn a boring dress into a classy creation. Don’t agree? Check this out!   K-535_1024x1024 KU-0536: This flirty floral Kurti with a practical touch will make both work and play fun. K-0536_1_1024x1024   Picture courtesy: House of Naari