Here are the top selling kurtis of this you own any from this lot? Let us know! KU-15-HS-0005 This sizzling hot kurti is what makes a Naari stand out.  K-HS-15-0005B_1_1024x1024 KU-0528 Just a tinge of flowers and you're ready to take on the world!  K-528_1_1024x1024 KU-15-HS-0016 This aquatic delight is a sure-shot winner. We don't even wonder why! KU-HS-0016-Aqua_1_1024x1024 KU-0569 This festive season, make a startling impact with this embellished kurti. K-0569_1_1024x1024   KU- 0502 This Aztec wonder will make you fall in with yourself. K-0502_1_1024x1024