Every week, we will bring to you our top selling kurtis. Only to make your shopping experience on www.shopnaari.com easier and better! What are you waiting for? Read on!KU-0132-BL-36This chambray kurti is a classic pick. You can never go wrong with this one. Know more about it here.C1KU-0522-DB-32 Sophisticated and stylish. This chambray work is perfect for every Naari. Know more about it here.C2 KU-0528-DB-40 Dainty little flowers on the sleeves give it a feminine twist. Know more about it here.C3 KU-0536-LB-36 Work or play, this kurti is here to stay. Know more about it here.C4 KU-0509-BL-34 The done-up bust is perfect for the simple, yet sexy Naari. Know more about it here.C5 Picture courtesy: House of Naari