What's monsoon shopping without a generous helping of sassy blues and greens? What if we told you that we have got those luscious colours and paired them with our exquisite designs to give you five lust-worthy Kurtis? Don’t believe us? Check these out… Product Code : K-0516 This is one of those dainty creations that will hog all the compliments. If the subtle aqua wasn’t enough, there’s a gorgeous hint of lime in the centre. W.O.W. k-516_1_1024x1024 Product Code: K-0512 If you want to keep it classy, go for this collared kurti with a bright geometric pattern in yellow. Smart. Sexy. Stunning. k-512_Aqua_1_1024x1024 Product Code : K-0565  This flamboyant kurti is perfect for every occasion. Yes, it’s THAT good. K-0565_1_1024x1024 Product Code : K-0517 For those who like a rich-looking kurti, this aqua and off-white one with heavy embroidery is perfect! There’s a lime pop thrown in too… K-517_1_1024x1024 Product Code : K-402 It’s more lime than aqua, but it’s the brazen blue that’s making this kurti a dishy piece. 17_1458377c-da1b-4776-ad8c-12585b40e47f_1024x1024   Picture courtesy: House of Naari