When I was 16, I was invited to this friend’s party where sushi and karaoke was on the menu. I wasn’t allowed to attend it because the party wouldn’t end before 10pm. “Why can’t I stay out till 10?”, I yelled. “Because you’re not an adult. Now go back to your room.”, my father said. End of the discussion. Over the years, many plans were canned and many mornings I found myself sleeping on a drenched pillow. A few years down the road, I turned 19. Definitely an adult now, I thought. Some dancing in the club was the plan which was yet again turned down by my parents. More furious than ever, I demanded for an explanation. “You’re a grown woman now. It’s not safe at night”, was the reply. I was confused. Being a kid was a problem and so was being an adult? Meanwhile, my younger brother never faced such disappointments. He could come back from his friend’s place at midnight and no one would even shoot a single question at him. pic1 Why this divide? Because my parents loved me more? Because he was smarter? Because he was stronger? I don’t think so. It’s just because he’s a boy and I’m a girl. Apparently, girls aren’t safe anywhere at night which is why getting back home before “it’s too late” is mandatory. Why isn’t a girl safe, by the way? Because some filthy men are unable to put a leash onto their hormones. So, if men are the problem, why do they have all the freedom in the world? If women are unsafe, why aren’t we concentrating on strengthening the security instead of caging them inside their own houses? It’s like we are getting punished for being nicer and humane. It’s about time women could breathe-in the cold air and dance under the moonlight without having to carry a pepper-spray. After all, time is just a number with a colon in between and nobody’s a Cinderella. How late is “too late”?