Don’t mop over the post-Holi beating your hair and skin have taken. There’s remedy for that too! Here’s the ULTIMATE guide to help you get back into work (!) mode… Skin: If harsh colours are refusing to let go of your skin, apply a paste of gram flour, curd, rose water and turmeric. Hair: Make a mixture of amla powder, dhaniya seeds and shikakai and apply on slightly damp hair. Bhaang hangover: Drink lots of fluid, especially fresh lime water. Eating curd or butter milk is also a proven way to fight hangover. Eyes: Immediately rinse eyes with water. DO NOT rub your eyes vigorously as it can push the chemicals further inside your eye. If irritation persists, consult your doctor immediately. Nails: Use amcnhur powder, vinegar or lemon to remove colours stuck in your nails. Picture courtesy: The Uchil Clicks