More widely known by her YouTube username - ||SUPERWOMAN||, Lilly is a sensational YouTube vlogger. She was born in Canada, to a Punjabi family. Lilly was a tomboy by nature in her childhood and she was suffering from depression which is why she started making youtube videos in the year 2010, in order to share her feelings with a larger mass. Her videos generally have a tinge of the Punjabi culture and she talks about the topics like “How Girls Get Ready”, Girls On Their Periods” and so on. Lilly is also a motivational speaker, stand-up comedian and a rapper. She won the MTV Fandom Awards for the Social Superstar of the Year and the First Person Streamy Awards in the year 2015. She was also invited to The Jimmy Fallon Show recently. Lilly wanted to make people laugh when she was depressed so that the act would in turn bring a smile on her face as well. She started something that nobody else in South Asia was doing. The motto behind becoming a YouTuber was to be heard because she knew she had a voice worth listening to. We all always have a plan A and a plan B but according to Lilly, the best way to succeed is to give your hundred percent in plan A itself. Because we do our best when we don’t really have any other option left. Her videos have about 1 billion views and her channel has over 9 million subscribers. She was ranked 8th on the Forbes list of World’s Highest Paid YouTube Stars, apparently earning 3 million dollars in 2015. The Youtube sensation has taught us that what goes around comes around and she is definitely the queen of sarcasm! Do what you love, even though it’s not a profession yet. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Isn’t it?