Unarguable, Diwali is the most celebrated festival by Indians around the globe. Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Deepawali’ which means ‘Rows of Light’. Diwali is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Ram over Ravan. But, no matter if we have recently moved away from home or traveling to our hometown, there are some things that never change! A few of them are:
For most of us, Diwali starts a few weeks or a month in advance when our moms force us to lend a hand in cleaning up the house. It is said that God only visits a clean house, hence the cleaning of the house is a must. Everything that is not used or old is thrown or given away in the process of cleaning the house.
Diwali is probably the best time of the year for all the foodies out there. The process of making delicacies is just as exciting as eating them! Different types of delicacies like chakli, ladoo, etc. are made. And during this time, the whole house smells heavenly.
During Diwali, getting up early is customary as there are various chores to complete on the first day of Diwali. No matter how tired or sleepy we are, we have to get up early for Diwali. To start with the decorations, colorful Rangolis are made in the morning.
This is one of the reasons why getting up early on Diwali is required. Narakchaturdashi is the first day of Diwali and one of the most important days. It is an auspicious day and it marks the victory of good over evil. Early morning bath on the first day of Diwali signifies the victory of good over evil.
This is probably the most fun part about Diwali, apart from eating all the delicacies. We get to dress up in new pretty and colorful ethnic clothes. Anarkalis, jhumkas, bangles and sarees and what not! One of the fun parts of Diwali is ‘borrowing’ your mother/sister’s jewellery!
Bursting crackers is just as fun as the rest of it. But we need to remember that bursting crackers is harming the environment. And not to forget the amount of pollution one single cracker can cause. So this year make sure you cut back on the crackers and have a healthy fresh Diwali!
  1. GIFTS:
Who doesn’t love gifts? One of the things we look forward to during Diwali are gifts. Sisters gift brothers on bhaubij and in return brothers promise to protect their sisters. Husbands pamper their wives on padwa with gifts too! And that’s not all. Diwali gifts also include gifts we get from our friends and family too! *drools thinking about the chocolates*
Diwali is that time of the year when dieting goes out the window. After all who can control themselves when they are surrounded with sweet delicacies and tasty preparations! *dreams about chakli and laddo and shankarpale, etc*
  1. GAMES:
In many parts of the country, it is customary to play cards on Diwali. A lot of different games are played in different parts of the country. People get together to have fun, to dress up and to enjoy all the preparations! How was your Diwali? Let us know!