Who doesn’t love to travel? Some people just live for. If you are one lusting for some wanderlust these tattoos are perfect for! 1) For the one who wants it all: Love the beaches and the mountains and everything take takes you through new experiences. this tiny ink is perfect for you. pic 1   2) For the love of the endless sky: Limits aren’t your thing? Get this cute parachute tat to mark your love for the sky and the wind blowing through your hair. pic 2 3) For those who left their hearts behind: Sometimes a place changes you and life is never the same. Did you visit a city and never really came back? Get your favourite place inked to keep a part of it with you forever. pic 3 4) For the wandering soul: If travelling is in your blood, this tiny tattoo is your calling. pic 4 5) For the ones who want the world: Never been everywhere but it’s on your list? This world map will keep you motivated. Also every time you visit a new country get the part coloured. Isn’t it a good idea to keep you going? pic 5 6) For the pirates who go to work: Love getting lost in places? Wandering your way through roads unseen and finding your way back. This simple compass speaks your heart. pic 6