By Shaloo Tiwari Naaris! You are beautiful. And what you deserve ought to be the best! Yes, that includes the man of your life as well! So let your Boy Browsing include Few “NO NOs” from our end! With all due respect to all the men out there, here are few specie of males you must AVOID. Read on: The Sycophantic pick up line expert: Ladies, just shun the guys who feel that honey-dipped words (pickup lines mostly!) are the best they can do to get their girl! Trust us. They do this with every second girl they see. pick up line The Supercilious lad: The “ME... ME... and only ME” kinds are a big NO-NO.  They will never respect you because they are forever filled with themselves! Beware of such narcissists! blog 5 men .7jpg The “born-yesterday” kind of guy: DON’T, just DON’T marry somebody like this. By kid...we mean immature guys. Having childish obsession is not what you want from a healthy relationship. blog kiddish The Sexist: This type  shouldn’t be accepted by the society, let alone by a girl. If they still seem attractive to you, it won’t take much time for you to regret. male chauvanist The Gangbanger: Such guys shouldn’t be looking for girls in their life. Their gang is their priority and everything that makes them happy. Do you wanna come second on anyone’s list? NO. blog 5 men 2 Well, this is our take. What's yours?