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Have you watched a romantic Bollywood movie recently? What was the story? Guy falls for a girl. The girl doesn’t fall back in love with the guy. Guy takes it as a challenge and starts chasing after her, essentially stalking her. Girl realizes that the guy truly loves her, why? Because of all his chasing skills, DUH! Same story, different characters, different location. That’s how it goes. And no, we are not saying that it’s only the guys who chase the girls. In some movies, there are girls who chase after guys too.

The release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has got mixed reviews from everyone. The agony of the broken heart has been portrayed time and again by various actors in various movies, even before Ae Dil Hai Mushkil came into existence. Bollywood seems to be by fascinated by the pain of a broken, shattered heart and we can only wonder when is it that Bollywood will move away from this topic that has been told time and again by a bunch of different directors.

  The thing that seems to stump everyone is the fact that throughout the movie, Anushka Sharma’s character keeps rejecting Ranbir Kapoor’s character, and he is just too stubborn or childish even, to accept it. But this isn’t the first time that such a storyline has been portrayed in the film industry. Take Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush’s Ranjhana for instance. Dhanush’s character is madly in love with Sonam’s character and would do anything to get her. Even go to the extent of driving the both of them into the river on finding that she loves someone else. Albeit, Sonam’s character was an ass in the movie, that still doesn’t justify what he did.

  We are not saying that there aren't any good movies made in Bollywood these days. But movies that do not hold love as the center of attraction are very rare and can be counted on the tips of your finger. We are not saying that people should stop making romantic movies. But at least make a movie that has a different story, maybe?

  Somewhere in this process, we are at fault too. We fail to understand great movies when they are made, criticize them to the maximum of our extent. Love stories are like a safety net for Bollywood. No matter how many crappy movies they make, in the name of experimenting, they know we will eat it right out of their hand.

  Hollywood is upping their game with movies based on real life like Sully or movies like Inferno and Doctor Strange; it is time Bollywood did the same and leave us and all the love stories a rest for a little while.

People, it is NOT OK to stalk a person. Pursuing and stalking are two different things and the latter does not mean it is ‘true love’. It is a violation of the other person’s right. And stalking someone will only get you hatred from them and possible jail time.

Bollywood’s love for love stories will never fade. But, one should also be thinking about the type of message to send out to people. There are people who take Bollywood very seriously and try to enact the exact way in real life. It is time Bollywood realize that no means no. Chasing after someone and stalking someone is not the way love works.

Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts about this? Mention about your views in the comment section.

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When is the right time to get married? Am I really ready to get married? How will I know? Maybe you have heard all the clichés about marriage, watched all the typical movies and read up about all the possible reasons to get married. Yet, none might have helped you with exactly what you want to know. Well, guess what? Nothing and no one can really help you with these questions. Wait, don’t get daunted by that thought yet. The point of the question is that it is about you and your partner. And as each couple shares a different equation, the best thing to do is to decide for yourself. Go beyond the superficial reasons of the society and to the questions that actually matter to both of you. We share a few questions that might help you get a fair insight:
  • Are you getting married because you can’t stay away from him anymore or because the concept of marriage simply sounds lovely to your ears?
  • Have you been feeling jealous recently when your friend or cousin got married first?
  • Has there been a lot of pressure on you from loved ones to get married? Make sure that you are thinking clearly through the fog of other people’s opinions.
  • Are both of you willing to adjust your career around each other, with the partner probably becoming your first priority?
  • Do your individual lifestyles match each other and allow some space for change after marriage?
  • Think back to your earlier fights and arguments. Did they ever get out of hand or reach an abusive level?
  • Are both of you mature enough to handle any conflicts without letting it ruin your relationship?
  • Are you able to understand one other and accept the way each one thinks, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it?
  • Has there been mutual love and respect throughout the months you have known each other?
  • Do you like each others’ families enough to live with them and maybe even learn to love them?
  • Do you both agree on if and when you should have kids, and how many?
  • Can you have a sane discussion regarding each other’s finances and how to handle them?
  • Do you tend to be honest with each other, no matter what is going on in your lives?
  • Have you been able to lower your expectations and make a few compromises along the way?
  • Most importantly, can you forgive each other and move on from anything?
The movie, ‘Love Punch’, raises a thought-provoking question that we often forget to ask ourselves. In the movie, the lead character of Emma Thompson, Kate, mentions that it is relatively easy to fall in love and then fall out of love. Beautiful relationships often end suddenly because the reason that made two people fall in love does not exist anymore. But if you like each other, really like each other, then that is good enough for you to spend a lifetime together! So the question for you is, ‘Do you really like each other?’
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To fall in love is the most amazing feeling but when you fall in love with the boy “arranged” by your family? Bliss! And today we would like to feature, on our #Vdaycountdown: How I met the one, the love story of one such woman,Sayli, who was blessed with such beautiful love life. 12698787_922182441228475_1837093425_o How I met him: I met my prince charming, through one of the most unexpected ways. Getting the right guy by arranged marriage was the last thing that came to my mind but (Well…now I realize the reason why I never was never charmed by others, was because a special love story was waiting for me). I never knew the whole idea about arranged marriage in my mind was going to change, when one fine day my brother said “I guess I have found the right guy for you” (though, today I realize he had read out what god had destined for me). I however was apprehensive about how does one marry a complete stranger. Trusting my brother I met him in the pious ambiance of Siddhi Vinayak. And I met the one. 12699301_922182451228474_1523786931_o How did he propose me: The charmer of my life had arrived and I didn't have the slightest idea until he spoke to me? Like any other Indian families meeting for marriage, we (the prospective bride and groom) were left all by ourselves to talk. And what he said, made me realize what a wonderful man he was. He confessed his past and literally didn't hide any fact from me. More than falling in love I developed respect for him (yay… I had stepped on the right path). I liked him a lot, though we had communal differences but somewhere I had confessed to myself that our hearts were made for each other. Now, we all know how much fun an adventurous it is to show affection in restricted environment. You got it right, since we were not allowed to talk over phone and everything else, even though we had our marriage date fixed, we couldn't stop ourselves. Finally, he one day decided to meet me but without anybody’s knowledge! It was a big risk but sounded interesting (and how could I skip a chance to meet him?). We made it. We met at the same place where we met for the first time. Amazing it was, but what made the meet engrave in my heart for life was what he said while both of us were leaving for home. He said, “I want this to go ahead, I want to grow old with you! I love you!” And this way I experienced the best feeling of life. Today, there’s an added member to our family and trust me I have all the wealth of the world. The wealth of love. 12695401_922182424561810_1799832355_o Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! Thanks for studding stars to my life.
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This story will intensify your faith in the age old saying ‘love stories are made in heaven’. There are some people who are destined to meet somehow, somewhere. Things don’t happen before they are meant to happen, rightly proved by the couple we are featuring today! 12647995_916557615124291_815010134_n How I met him “Hello”, I said accepting a call from an unknown number. Heard a charming male voice from the other end. He tried to talk to me, but had no clue why he had called up (Stupid me! Didn’t understand his intentions). However, all this began so abruptly and like how any other Indian would react I scolded him and hung up and forgot about it. He too was disappointed probably, and why not? Who tries to just suddenly call his crush and do overly dramatic stuff? Anyway, a year passed and I led a normal single life. But then life happened… I met one of my best friends over coffee, who told me about her other friend who apparently was looking for an MBA college in my area. Since I knew  such a college I asked that friend to forward my number to her friend so that I could help him. That night I received a call and somehow I felt I had come across this number before. That brought in huge curiosity in me, as I received the call I heard the same “Hello” that I had heard. I was so apprehensive. Didn’t know what was happening. “I am Dinesh! My friend gave me your number. MBA College… Remember??” I was perplexed yet told him about the college I knew and all the other information. We kept on talking and became good friends. 12660257_916557435124309_712644711_n How he proposed We soon became more than friends, and one fine day Dinesh told me a big secret and that made me fall head over heels for him, he told me how he was the one to call me a year before and had done all that stupidity. He had picked my number from the same friend and how he goofed up everything. However, we laughed out loud on that incident. On a serious note, we knew our relation had crossed that friendship limits long back and it was time to confront. But silly as he is, one day he suddenly proposed me, and how? Single text that carried ‘I love you’. I mean, who does that, never gets it right at the first time. However, this time I had decided to not let the ends loose. The next day I crashed his place with a big surprise, cake, gifts and everything sweet. The real proposal happened. We watched our first movie together that day, and guess which movie was it? Has to be something not so romantic, ‘Singham’ it was. And then began our relationship, a four and a half year relationship with all sugar and spice! Now we are married for a year and half. Time flew but our love is still fresh. I just can’t wait to spend all seven lives with you! Happy Valentine’s Day, love!
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Yay! We are back with our fourth story. It's always fun when hearts meet and emotions explode...because love is the warmest feeling in the world. In case you missed out on our previous VDay sagas, check them out here, here, and here. How we met: When my father was dragging me to his not-so-interesting annual gathering, I didn't know my life was about to change. I did everything in my power to wriggle out of the resort vacay as I wanted to binge-watch TV at home (clearly a better choice than chilling with adults-masquerading-as-teens!) But goddamn...papa dearest forced me to trot along. Imagine an already sour girl meeting a rather boisterous group of boys on the bus...yes, major eye-roll.  IMG_1350 There was one dude who stood out from the rest of the gang. He was singing quite a bunch of songs, throwing glances my way. I didn't really make a big deal out of it, I thought he was just trying to involve me in the game. I was shooting daggers at him...but the minute he sang 'Humne Tumko Dekhaaa....,' I melted. From bad mood to blush mode in five minutes, yo! Thus, it began. A series of songs that were about and for me...all through the travel time. Which girl wouldn't feel special, eh? As we were getting down at the resort, he came to me and whispered, "may I get your number?" I blushed a deep red and said, "uh...yeah...sure!" Our mutual attraction, constant WhatsApping, and many a phone calls brought us together. IMG_1351 How he proposed: Even though we loved each other, we didn't want to go against our families' wishes. Since we belonged to different communities, we knew there would be issues. So to avoid all that, he landed at my place and formally asked my father for my hand in marriage. My parents were impressed and readily agreed. In fact, my father was happy to be giving me away to his colleague's family. So, yes, instead of going on the knees for me (which is done to death, TBH), he asked my parents for their permission. Sweet, eh? It's this sincerity that makes me fall in love with him more. Although his strictness scares me a little, I know that he is THE one for. Because there's no way I am going on thousands of holidays, sharing millions of meals, and making gazillion shopping plans with any other boy in the world. You're my everything, A. Let's make each moment count.

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