When we hear of this topic, a far away tribe pop in our head. Did you ever think about the practice nesting a little closer to home? In the midst of civilization in our bustling cities of Mumbai and Gujarat is a Muslim Dawoodi Bohra community where women are circumcised with a razor blade without any anaesthesia or medical assistance of any sort. This inhumane practice has been banned by the UN in many African countries but it keeps a fresh track here. The procedure poses a threat to the health of young girls across the community. The danger of infection, bleeding out, other medical complications amongst the stress and trauma of the event with a fear of sexual intimacy and post traumatic stress is just the beginning of an unending list of the torture faced by girls as young as three. Over hundreds of women have tried through the years to get rid of this evil practice but haven’t been able to overthrow the rules of the leaders of the group who command that the customs be followed without hindrance.  It is time we join them in the fight to overthrow this horrible activity carried out in the name of religion. Women have been subjected to torture in the name of custom and religion for far too long, and it is time to recognise that they too deserve to be treated like human beings. Click here to sign the petition and make a difference to the lives of Dawoodi Bohra women trapped in a tradition of torture. Q:  Why do women alone have to be subjected to the burden of religion and go through inhumane practices and for how long?