And guys are just people to have fun with! -The famous quote from Sex and the City that we all know about and should abide by. Most of us are so blinded by the typical fairytales which we have been listening to since birth that the definition of a “soul mate” to us is by default, a man. We forget that a soul mate is any person who understands us, cares about us and is fun to hang out with. Anybody could be your soul mate. Your mother, your best friend or even your sister! 99 Your girlfriends -
  • Always listen to you
No matter how many times you want to talk about the same drama over and over again, they will be there with all their support and some wine.  
  • Understand your mood swings
They know PMS is not just an excuse and they never take your mean words seriously when you have your bitch-mode on!  
  • Render the best relationship advice ever
And they posses super-boyfriend-judging-powers!  
  • Love shopping too
And they know what looks hot on you and what crosses the red line.  
  • Never judge you
Or get jealous of you or try to drag you down. They just accept you for YOU.  
  • Are anything but boring!
They can talk the talk and walk the walk, as required. And cocktail nights are to die for!  
  • Are capable of convincing your parents
For almost anything! It’s like having a sister that you never had.  
  • Would cross oceans to see you
Without too many expectations because they KNOW you very well.   So, stop looking for a prince charming and take over the world with your girl gang!