If you are a travel freak and want to avoid the bickering at every airport’s security counter, then here are ten ways you can travel light and never miss a flight! 1. Make an itinerary: An essential step when you’re traveling is to map out your journey. Be sure that your route is pre decided, don’t leave anything on chance. Stay well informed about the new/changed airport security/immigration rules. Confirm your check-ins and reservations. 2. Make a check list of items: Be sure to make a check-list of all the mandatory things such as passport, immigration documents, maps, toiletries, medicines etc. Be sure to double-check all the items before you start your journey. 3. Do the laundry: Ensure that the laundry is done prior to your packing. This change reduces the volume of your clothes ergo making space for other essential belongings and saves you the effort of folding you clothes. Hotel laundry services costs almost as much as the items you are having washed! Instead you can use Laundromats or locate the drop off laundry services in the vicinity. 4. Do not over pack: Majority of the travelers emphasize on traveling light! It’s a fact that more than 60 percent of the travelers over pack their luggage with articles that are easily available in transit (Toiletries, blankets, and extra clothe articles). This leads to a lot of moratorium at the airport security. To avoid such delay it is important to pack only the essentials. Pack limited and only the required paraphernalia. 5. Choose smaller yet capacious luggage: Opt for smaller yet spacious bags, particularly to one which are not bigger than the standard Carry-on size, this reduces the risk of over packing. Use a smaller suitcase or duffel bag. Bigger the bag, the more things you tend to pack in the wake to completely fill it. 6. Minimalistic toiletries: Be a minimalist with toiletries. Pare your toiletries to what is mandatory as you can rely on the hotel amenities. Use the bathroom supplies, such as shampoo, soap, mouthwash and hair dryer etc., provided by the hotel to keep your toiletry case light. Also, keep a separate toiletry case just for traveling that includes travel-sized bottles, and make sure it’s easily accessible when going through airport security.

7.Swap out the alternatives: Swap out the bulky articles with lighter alternatives. For instance, carry dried fruits and protein shakes instead of relying on the food provided in transit or carrying junk food. Dried fruits are a great source of energy and occupy very little space. Swap out your hydration containers (bottles) with a water bladder. Water bladders are malleable ergo reducing the woe of accommodating water bottles in your bag! 8. Layered demeanor: Layer your clothes to change your look. This approach gives you more ensemble options and the flexibility to adapt to the weather changes. This way you can cut down on the number of clothes you carry and lighten your luggage. 9. Wear bulky in transit: Wear bulky clothing like jeans and jackets while you are in transit, as these clothes are quite durable and reduce a lot of weight from your luggage. Incase it’s too warm to wear a jacket or a coat, sling it over your shoulder! 10. Weigh your Luggage: Before leaving for the airport be sure to weigh your luggage. No need for surprises and add on fees when you get to the airport. You might even miss your flight!