We know that you guys are gearing up to play the global holiday favorite Secret Santa! After all, celebrations are doubled when you gift someone...isn't it? We have rounded up five budget-friendly gifts for your colleagues, friends and neighbors...take a look: Books/ book store card: If you've a reader in the group, gift him/her a book or better still...a store card from one of their favorite book store chains. Your friend would forever be grateful to you. Trust us! Book Art supplies: What better way to satisfy the creative urges of an art enthusiast than a bunch of supplies? Even if they have truck-load of it at home, they are never going to say no to a couple of more stuff. Say what? Art supplies Quirky coffee dispenser: Nothing makes a coffee lover happier than a quirky dispenser. Because their one true love in life is COFFEE! Coffee Their dream photo-shoot: Gift your colleague a dream photo-shoot. Get a budding photographer to help you out. While it adds to the photographer's portfolio, it gives you and your colleague a memory to cherish for life. Photo shoot A pet: Pet-lovers will go crazy if you bring them a four-legged creature. You don't even have to spend a bomb on it as there are many shelters that want give up pups and kitties for adoptions. Pet