When you are in India and have attained the marriageable age (whatever that means) and when people start worrying about you as if there's no tomorrow, that’s the age when your parents start looking for a groom for you. And if you have found no one good enough for you then there are people who will find one for you. And this whole event is called an arranged marriage. But there's nothing to be scared of as arranged marriages can be amazing too. But there are some things that the 'Dulhan' has to say to her ‘would-be’ before taking the seven scared steps of life...take a look: Don’t judge me: It’s all happening too quickly, so don’t judge me by the first thing I do. It’s going to take time: Understanding you, a whole new set of family and your house is going to take time. Bear with me! Help me … I actually need help: It’s all new to me. Please just stand by my side because I need it. Spend more time me: To know you is what matters a lot to me. Try to give 'us' more time. I won’t let you down: Trust me, I won’t let you down. Let’s just hold hands and live happily ever after. If every new bride has this heart-to-heart with her hubby dearest, every marriage would be a successful one. Here's to fairy-tale romances, frogs-turning-into-princes and happily ever afters!