Rakshabandhan is around the corner. The childhood buddy who was always there to protect and advise you must have surely let you down and you must have always felt that he doesn't express his love much. No. They do express it in their own, unique ways that you might not notice. Here are 5 such ways: rakhi 1. They may irritate you a lot but you won't even know he will slay people talking rubbish about you. 2.Your brother will, very subtly, make sure you have the right company. 3. He will never let you know that he checks on your food and health. Ask your mom! 4. No matter how many times he says he will give you nothing for Rakshbandan. He is always on a lookout for the best gift for you. 5. Most importantly he might sound harsh most of the times but remember he genuinely doesn't want you to make the same mistakes that he did. This Rakshbandhan, appreciate how he manages to care for you so much under his strong shell.