One of the most interesting Kurti combos is the print fixation. It’s rich, vibrant, has a flattering fit and makes others jealous! Printed Kurtis have an intricate charm that no Naari has ever been able to resist. To spoil you further, we have put together these five amazing kurtis…take a look: Product Code : K-462 For the Naari who can’t decide between going full embroidery and totally print, here’s a delicious mix of the two! With ornate thread work on the bust and luscious prints on the front and back neckline, it’s a STEAL! More details here. K-0471_2_1024x1024_0abc5920-323a-4be7-b452-859a10f8c524_1024x1024 Product Code : K-487 This floral printed kurti combines the ultra-glam beauty of flowers with the sex appeal of prints. A marriage made in heaven, eh? More details here. K-487_1_1024x1024 Product Code : K-431 If you want to stand apart from your gang, go for this beautiful geometric Kurti! More details here. k-431_1024x1024 Product Code : K-331 Lovely bright roses can never go wrong, can they? Indulge in this stunning printed A-line Kurti today. More details here. 04_1024x1024 Product Code : K-489 This colorfully printed Kurti with a dash of yellow, orange and yellow will brighten up your day. For sure! More details here. K-489_1024x1024