There's something exotic about prints. With their eclectic appeal and vibrant feel, they can turn any dull day around. We pick out our favorite five from the mix of prints...take a look: Product Code: A-1030-KU-CY So deliciously different, eh? KU-CY-1030_1_1024x1024 (1) Product Code : KU-CY-1028- When subtle beige and arresting red come together in this.  KU-CY-1028_1_1024x1024 Product code: KU-CY-1078 Colors so bold, prints to daring. Yet such a dainty piece. KU-CY-1078_1_1024x1024 Product Code : KU-SG-0972-CD Gold-soaked to perfection...the only beige you'd want! This. Is. It. KU-SG-0972_1_1024x1024 Product Code : KU-SG-0973-RD The traditional appeal of hand-painted prints on modern fabrics...own this! KU-SG-0973_1_1024x1024 Product Code: KU-TB-0885-WH Only two colours to make your day brighter...indulge in this.  KU-TB-0885-_1_1024x1024