For the ultimate laid-back, yet dressy feel, bring home our colorful Palazzo Pants...we help you pick out the best. Take a look: Product Code :PZ-RW-0729-GR PZ-RW-729-Green_3_1024x1024 Product Code :PZ-RW-0728-BL PZ-RW-0728-Multi_1_1024x1024 Product Code: PZ-15-FL-0626 Orange Product Code : PZ-15-FA-0215-MC: Wear this and let it be a treat to everyone’s eyes p1 Product Code : PZ-15-0004-WG: Playful and peaceful at the same time. What say? p2 Product Code : PZ-15-0003-OB: Class in the genes? This is for you! p3 Product Code : PZ-15-0001-BR: You just can’t say No to this dainty piece. Agreed? p4 Product Code : PZ-15-0006-MR: If ‘bliss’ looked like a pair of palazzo, it would be this one. p5