In our new arrivals binge we are on festive veer! Time to bedeck yourself with all pretty stuff around! Let us open our bag for you and help you with some pretty festive kurtis that you can rock all festivals with! Read on>Product Code: KU-0571-NV: Rabadi embroidery,a gift from the beautiful heritage of Gujrat explored at its best. See...k3Product code: KU-0570-NV: Another magical Rabadi concept, so we aren’t letting you down?k2Product Code: KU-0476-NV: Just in case you want to go a little less embellished try this? No looking back!k4Product code: KU-0576-BK: Ok so you feel black isn’t festive! See this! Rethinking?k5Product code: KU-0475-RD: Here is something festively classy for you! See it for yourself.k1