If you are planning to ditch the overly expensive pubs and bashes, how about having a house party this new year? Cool actually!! Anybody would choose an exciting and cosy house party over a tiring, extravagant and meticulous madness! Wondering about preparations when you have only a day to go? Fret not! Allow us to help you with this: Think of a perfect theme: Try keeping the theme really easy so that everyone can follow. You can keep Pajama themed party for a casual ambiance! Food: If possible cook or invite a person who can cook well, to refrain yourself from the unhealthy junk. You may keep a barbeque if you wish. Guest list: Make guest list so that you forget none on this awesome day! Party goodies: There are many stores that provide a collection quirky party goodies get them all to make your party look bright! Selfie booth: DO NOT forget a selfie booth. A party is incomplete without pictures!