New Year is just around the corner and it felt like just yesterday when a new year dawned upon us. Be it any part of the world, everyone celebrates New Year with great enthusiasm. New Year is supposed to be about new beginnings and new resolutions. It is the chance to leave everything in the past and start afresh. There are different ways in which New Year is celebrated around the world. Some of them are crazy in a good way. Here are some of the traditions that are followed around the world on New Year’s:
The English believe that the first guest that comes to their home in the New Year will bring good luck for them. And the first guest should ideally be a male and should come bearing gifts.
In Denmark, people usually keep a pile of broken dishes at the front door. People also throw these at their friend’s house as this tradition usually symbolizes friendship and brotherhood. The one who has the highest heap outside their house, is supposed to have the most friends.
Germans consider the metal lead to be auspicious. They pour molten lead into cold water, and the shape that the metal takes is supposed to predict the future. Heart shapes symbolize marriage, round shapes denote good luck, anchor shapes tell that you need help and a cross signifies someone’s sad demise.
  • JAPAN:
In Japan, everyone visits the temples and the temple bells are rung 108 times- one for each of the human sins according to Buddhist beliefs. Japanese believe that doing so cleans them of the previous year’s sins.
Circles are considered sacred in their culture, as such on New Year people wear polka dots, eat round fruits and toss coins in a pan!
  • BURMA:
In Burma, people celebrate the traditional Thingyan festival. During this festival, people splash water on one another in order to start the New Year with a purified soul.
Every year from all over the world people fly to New Year for this tradition. Wishing spheres containing people’s hopes for the New Year are released into the Singapore River. The wishes are written on white spheres.
Russia has a crazy tradition for New Year. They write down their wishes and then burn it. After burning it, they throw it into a champagne glass and must drink it before 12:01.
On New Year’s Eve, Budapest’s Time Wheel runs out which is then mechanically rotated so that the sand can run through it for another year. There are a lot of traditions that happen during the New Years around the world. Some people like to welcome the New Year with a party with friends or a quiet dinner with family. Let us know if you have any New Year traditions that people will love to hear.