If sweat-drenched jeans are driving you nuts, time to revamp your wardrobe with our New Arrivals...tailor-made for the sultry season. Straight from our True Blue collection come gorgeous embroidered slim pants in luscious shades of blues and whites. Go ahead, binge on! SP-15-FL-0625-OW: Pair it with a burst of color for a girl-on-the-go vibe. use SP-15-TB-0838 Say bye-bye to your blues with this pair of striking pants. SP-15-TB-0838_1_e42c5898-6405-4ca6-9276-5dc83a3f863a_1024x1024 SP-15-FL-0625-OW When summers come calling, the off-whites come tumbling out...like this pair. SP-15-FL-0625_1_1024x1024 SP-15-TB-0837 With a touch of work at the hem, this the pair to fall in love with. TB SP-15-TB-0816 The intricate work in this pair is sure to be the talk of the town. Indulge away! SP-15-TB-0816_1_1024x1024