Dressing up is all the more fun when you have a range of colors and exquisite designs to choose from. As the Navratri festivities kick off next week, we take a look at the must-have kurtis from our Rabadi Kurti Collection...take a look: Product Code : KU-0571-NV This is the dream kurti you've been waiting for! Drenched in Rabadi work, it contrasts yellow and blue in a riot of designs. Sigh. K-0571_2_1024x1024     Product code: KU-0570-NV Because every girl deserves stunning colors, rich designs, and affordable kurtis! THIS. IS. IT. K-0570_2_1024x1024 Product Code: KU-0476-NV For those who want to look elegant without going over-the-top, this is the one. K-0476_2_1024x1024   Product code : KU-0576-BK Black might not be 'festive', but it sure is sexy! Wear this to an informal event and watch the heads turn. K-0576_2_1024x1024   Product code : KU-0475-RD If red is your go-to color for festivals, knock yourself out with this.  K-0475_2_1024x1024