The ninth day of Navratri concludes with a delightful blue shade. On this auspicious day, we take a look at five of the most beautiful kurtis in this on: Product Code :  KU-15-HS-0011 Bring a bit of bling factor with this richly embroidered kurti. K-HS-15-011A_1_1024x1024   Product Code K-0539: This dainty kurti is a must-have. Enough said. 0539_1024x1024   Product Code : K-0509: For the Naari who likes just a touch of work, this is the perfect bet. K-509_1024x1024   Product Code: KU-15-PL-0001-BL: The lace detailing on the sleeves makes this kurti a dishy buy. Agree? KU-15-PL-001_Blue_1_1024x1024   Product Code : KU-15-CH-0118-LB: Casual can also be classy! Just like this one. KU-15-CH-0118-LBlue-_5_1024x1024