One just can’t skip to have pink in their wardrobe. Who doesn’t love this delicious colour? And on the eighth day of Navratri we get an occasion to officially wear this lovely colour. Allow us to help you with what you can choose to wear in pink to celebrate this auspicious day of Goddess Maha Gauri: Product code: KU-15-LS-0038-PW: The cuteness of this piece is sure to make you go Awwwwww… Pink1 Product code: KU-15-LS-0035-PK: No,this isn’t an ice-cream, looks equally appealing though! *wink* pink2 Product Code: K-425: Short is forever sweet. And this one? Sweeter? pimk 5 Product Code: K-510: This is surely the new cool. Smartness in the genes! pink 3 Product Code: K-500: So you need a reason to buy this? Seriously? pink 4