Bring on the auspicious day of dwitiya with a dashing tinge of royal blue. Here's our favorite five from this shade...take a look: Product Code SD-0134: This stunning set of Salwar-Kameez-Dupatta will make you the talk of the town. Royal much? n-0134_2_1024x1024   Product Code : K-291: Flares have their own appeal...just like THIS one! 291_blue_1_1024x1024   Product code: KU-0570-NV: If you're planning to go for garba night, work your traditional side in this rabadi kurti. K-0570_1_1024x1024     Product Code :  KU-15-HS-0005 Ornate thread-work has its own charm. No? This kurti is proof enough. K-HS-15-0005A_1_6c8011a4-3d9e-4d76-b05d-562979d71e0e_1024x1024 Product Code : KU-15-LS-0026-BL If elegant kurtis make you swoon, indulge in this one today. KU-LS-026-BLUE_1_1024x1024