Cinderella had a fairy help her with the big makeover. But who's your angel? Well, allow us! Turn your basic white/black tee into a party-chic ensemble with just a few layering techniques...take a look: Jacket it up: Choose a nice cardigan/shrug/light jacket and wear it over your tee. For shirts, flip the collar out! Remember the golden rule, if your tee is loose, opt for a fitted jacket and vice versa. layers blog pic Scarf tales: Choose a funky scarf in light/bright colours.  You can either coil it around your neck, leave it hanging casually or tie it around in a fancy knot. These scarves are especially useful when your white tee is too transparent! layers blog pic 1 Bottom stories: If you want to keep your tee basic, but wish to play around with the lowers,you can layer your jeggings with high boots or high length socks (bright coloured). Or if you want to go for skirts, you can throw on stockings and boots for the effortlessly chic look. layers blog pic 2 Go white on white: Another layering technique preferred by runway models and actresses is the 'white-on-white' look. Throw over a white jacket/ shrug/ ganji over your same-coloured tee. Keep your lower in the same or similar shade too. Toss in a bright orange lippie and you're set. layers blog pic 3 (2) Accessorize yourself, but make sure everything syncs well with your attire. Because you don't want to look like a Christmas tree, do you?