Mad rains? Yay! No office. Because commuting to work amid heavy downpour is a nightmare. Perhaps that's why Mumbai gets a paid leave every monsoon! As you're sitting at home watching the depressing weather, here are few things that you can do today. And if you're not in Mumbai, and are at work...well, tough luck! But you could still do these things....take a look: A warm, bubble bath: Well, it's not possible to have a luxurious bath when rushing to work, right? So why not utilise this day to indulge in a royal bath that involves bubbles, warm water, sea salt and soothing music? After all, the weekend is here and a little bit of spa at home toh banta hai! Reading by the window: Lucky is the person who can out his feet up, sip a hot cuppa and read his favourite book. Y window, while the city is being lashed by the rains. Today, you could be that lucky person! What are you waiting for? And if you're not into books (seriously, we are judging you), you could listen to music by the window. Sounds fun! TV marathon: Hook your laptop to the nearest power socket because you're going to be watching hell lot of shows today. From Game Of Thrones to House Of Cards to Hindi soaps, catch up on all your favourite shows today. If you can persuade somebody to make popcorn or potato wedges for you, you're one lucky chap! Quilt fort to sleep under: Forget the conventional bed and mat, build a fort out of quilts and blankets and lie under it like a caveman! Imagine this: it's splashing outside, and you're safely snoring under your quilt fort. Seriously, can life get any better? Splurge on shopnaari: Of course you saw this coming! We are not pimping our stunning kurtis, but we are confident that the only way to beat the gloom is to burrowed through our range of vibrant products! Also, if your boss is unhappy about you bunking work today, treat him/ her to a splendid Naari kurti! Check out the latest collection at :D