When is the right time to get married? Am I really ready to get married? How will I know? Maybe you have heard all the clichés about marriage, watched all the typical movies and read up about all the possible reasons to get married. Yet, none might have helped you with exactly what you want to know. Well, guess what? Nothing and no one can really help you with these questions. Wait, don’t get daunted by that thought yet. The point of the question is that it is about you and your partner. And as each couple shares a different equation, the best thing to do is to decide for yourself. Go beyond the superficial reasons of the society and to the questions that actually matter to both of you. We share a few questions that might help you get a fair insight:
  • Are you getting married because you can’t stay away from him anymore or because the concept of marriage simply sounds lovely to your ears?
  • Have you been feeling jealous recently when your friend or cousin got married first?
  • Has there been a lot of pressure on you from loved ones to get married? Make sure that you are thinking clearly through the fog of other people’s opinions.
  • Are both of you willing to adjust your career around each other, with the partner probably becoming your first priority?
  • Do your individual lifestyles match each other and allow some space for change after marriage?
  • Think back to your earlier fights and arguments. Did they ever get out of hand or reach an abusive level?
  • Are both of you mature enough to handle any conflicts without letting it ruin your relationship?
  • Are you able to understand one other and accept the way each one thinks, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it?
  • Has there been mutual love and respect throughout the months you have known each other?
  • Do you like each others’ families enough to live with them and maybe even learn to love them?
  • Do you both agree on if and when you should have kids, and how many?
  • Can you have a sane discussion regarding each other’s finances and how to handle them?
  • Do you tend to be honest with each other, no matter what is going on in your lives?
  • Have you been able to lower your expectations and make a few compromises along the way?
  • Most importantly, can you forgive each other and move on from anything?
The movie, ‘Love Punch’, raises a thought-provoking question that we often forget to ask ourselves. In the movie, the lead character of Emma Thompson, Kate, mentions that it is relatively easy to fall in love and then fall out of love. Beautiful relationships often end suddenly because the reason that made two people fall in love does not exist anymore. But if you like each other, really like each other, then that is good enough for you to spend a lifetime together! So the question for you is, ‘Do you really like each other?’