Just like you have a list of personal and life goals in your head or in your diary, it’s a good idea to sit with your spouse and pen down some marriage goals to have a peaceful marriage. Would you do any good in your career if you didn’t have goals set to achieve? Maybe you would but having a list of goals definitely makes it easier. People think marriages will work if they have to, but that is not the case. A clear regular communication is necessary to make it work because it’s a two way road with two individuals who cannot always be a hundred percent alike. Here are some of the goals a married couple should have:
  • Every single day. About the whole day.
Remember when you were in school, you would sit down with your mother and tell her how the teacher praised you and some kids bullied you that particular day? Do that, with your spouse. It will keep you two connected and updated about each other’s lives which is the whole point of having a ‘soulmate’.
  • Plan your weekend
You could fine dine or just stay in bed and watch something that you both like. Discover the common preferences and do that on Sundays! It will be something that you two will look forward to all week.
  • Cook together
Whether you both like to cook or not, cooking together is the best bonding exercise after shopping.
  • Surprise each other
With her favorite pair of shoes, jersey of his beloved football club or something sexy, you know? The element of awe is always a positive. And surprising him with a kid does not count.
  • Have a family reunion
Call your parents and his parents to dinner every once in a while or visit them even if you don’t like their company. It’s healthy to have a family reunion occasionally.
  • Set collaborative goals
It could be a plan to save up for a trip to Miami or to buy a new car. Whatever keeps you guys going! People say marriages are hard. Well, it’s not if you marry the right person.   What sails your marriage boat?