Just in case you didn't know how much neck line, helps you glorify the spell your looks cast… we would like to tell you that it is the neckline that’s likely to make all the difference! And for bringing forth what neckline will suit your body type? We are always on the fashion patrol! Read on: The boat neck: This neck cut suits the best to women with long neck, wide hips etc. It tends to deviate ones attention from huge arms too! boat neck 2 The box neck: Plus sized curvy women must opt for this neck line as it makes you look leaner! Even women who are busty and want their bust size to sync must go for this! Box neck The V neck: This kind of neck line helps you look taller as it gives a vertical impression to the dress! It suits both petite and broad body type! v neck 1 Collared neck: Since this neckline fills in your neck this is really good for women with thin neck and also small busted divas can go for this.Remember! It gives a fuller look so petite girls are supposed to be benefitted the most with this type of neck line! Collar neck Deep U neck: Women with very broad shoulders and sharp features must wear this type of neckline as it flashes the collar bone yet makes your shoulder look narrower! U neck