Gender roles are no longer a thing. It’s completely fine for a man to take care of the house and cook like Arjun Kapoor’s character in the bollywood movie – Ki and Ka. Similarly, it’s okay for a woman to not know how to operate a gas stove. It’s funny how the society assumes that every female has “kitchen duties”. Why should a woman be the one to clean the house and cook three meals a day? Why can’t a man do that too? Just because the society says so? Why should the expenses of the entire family be on a man’s shoulders? Marriage is a bond where two people are supposed to work on their lives in collaboration.  And a healthy one is where both husband and wife earn as well as take care of the household responsibilities. Even though the literacy rate of both men and women has gone up in India, people consider a woman, who doesn’t know how to cook, a bane. The latest criteria for an Indian daughter-in-law is that she should be literate, have a job and know how to cook too. Okay, we know women are smart and all but not exactly a superhuman, right? Cooking is no less than an art. People who love playing football will obviously turn out to be better players after they get some training because they are passionate about it. Similarly, people who love to cook will definitely be better cooks than the ones who just cook for the heck of it. If something is a subject of graduation, it definitely cannot be a compulsive job for a whole sex. Do you look down upon the guys who can’t cook? Then why expect every girl to be kitchen smart? Yes, we all need home-made food to stay healthy but that is not a woman’s job alone. It’s okay if you’re a woman and you don’t know how to cook. It’s okay to order from outside every other day because you work eight hours every day. It’s okay for your husband to cook meals for you if he likes. There are no rules of idealism. Man created them and can break them too.