Here's how you can lose flab without going broke...

Basic stretching: Stretching on a flight of stairs, while at work, early in the morning or before going to's important to stretch so the fluidity is maintained.


Walking/jogging: Involve a 20-minute walking/jogging routine every single day for an inexpensive health fix. running-1431522 Healthy mid-meal snacks: Forget packaged foods, opt for nuts, fruits, salads and boilded pulses for a healthy mid-meal snacking options. salad-1327217

No junk policy: This one is a no-brainer. Say no to junk of all sorts.


Apps the way! Download health apps on your smartphone or join a free laughter/health club programs to keep your weight under check. Health apps will help you exercise at home, while local clubs will offer you outdoor options at no cost at all.