Women are generally considered to be the weaker sex in this male dominant world. Some women might be physically weaker as compared to men but that surely don’t make the whole sex inferior. Now-a-days, more and more impressionable women are leaving their marks on the trophies in various fields which everyone should be proud of. Here are some of habits that make an impressionable independent woman:
  • Be confident
Whatever you do, do it with confidence because nothing is sexier than a confident woman. You have to believe in yourself for the world to do the same.
  • Spend some quality time with yourself
Go out shopping, discover new eating joints and enjoy some wine with just yourself. It will make you happier person and you don’t need to depend on anybody to have a good time.
  • Stop taking shit
Don’t let anyone make you feel small just because you’re a woman. Sexism needs a full stop and sexists need a kick below the belt.
  • Empower other women
Respect and authorize other women because girls compete but women collaborate. It’s time to stop the guys from taking advantage of cat fights, you know?
  • Love your body
Beauty cannot be defined by the size or the complexion of a human being. Nobody is perfect and that is what makes everybody beautiful in their own unique way. A star looks stunning and so does a sunflower and they look nothing alike.
  • Have a plan
And some life goals because living without a purpose is like driving to a new place without a map. It’s a waste of time and creates chaos.
  • Never stop learning
Just like the actor-turned-designer-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna (blog link), keep on learning and experimenting with new things. Let your hobbies become your ATM machine for sky is the limit!
  • Take risks
Yes, you might fall but darling, what if you fly? Living a life with ‘what ifs’ is so not healthy. So, do it and have some faith in God.
  • Put a pause on the drama
Adjust, adapt and command respect instead of demanding it. You don’t need a prince to be treated like a princess. Do it yourself and do it for you.
  • Set your priorities right
Everything needs to be in order, in order to become a strong independent woman. Know what is most important to you so you can focus and block the petit issues in life.
  • Never be dependent on anyone for money
If you want to be treated as an equal, you need to act like one. Pay your own bills even after marriage or at least have a job that can fill your bank account because the future is uncertain and you have to be smart and armed (not with guns or something. Although, that would work too). Women can do anything that a man can, in fact, they do it better and with love. No offence guys but you know you love us. Are you an impressionable independent woman?